Songtrail 2018




This project seeks to blend the story of local traditional song, songwriters, keepers and collectors into a walking trail experience for local and visiting audiences. Songtrail  (Phase One – Research)looks to initiate a  musical trail through Drogheda that celebrates the diverse culture of music making in the town. This project focuses on researching traditional song locally through local knowledge, local archives, individuals’ archives, national archives, local musicians and singers to develop the foundation of a musical trail through appropriate and relevant sites throughout the town.

Documentary, biographical material and anecdote will complement the trail of songs giving perspective and context to the songs, their history and relevance. The research project will investigate the prospect of recording new versions of traditional song with the local community and invite members of the public to contribute to the research, the performance and future development of the project into an accessible format for local and visiting audiences.

The project also seeks to research the arrival of traditional songs to the area from abroad. If you have an interest in the topic or knowledge to lend to the project we would be delighted to hear from you.

This project is supported by Create Louth and the Arts Council of Ireland




Part 1: Simcock’s Lane


Part 2 : Marsh Road


Part 3 : Whitworth Hall


Part 4 : Cairbre’s Pub


Part 5 : Fiddle Case Pier


Part 6 : Conclusion