Ship Street 2019

Upstate Theatre Project return to the place of their 2012 site-specific performance ‘Ship Street Revisited’. The performance involved a cast of fifty performers from the Drogheda community from 10 years of age to the upper reaches of adulthood. The project was directed by Paul Hayes and scripted by Aidan Harney based on the oral history archive collected by Drogheda Local Voices.

Audience feedback and reviews :

“Fantastic depiction and so professional, I came away and am thinking about it since”

“Absolutely fantastic!!!”

“An accomplished artistic rehousing of Drogheda’s vacated Ship Street” Irish Times


On this occasion Upstate is beginning a process of engagement that will investigate the role of an arts organisation, obviously in collaboration with numerous stakeholders, to realise a more direct impact on the living environment that makes up Ship Street.

futurepastpresent is the introductory phase of this process. It is the result of initial conversations with former and current residents of Ship Street. Upstate has worked with local visual artist, Rodney Thornton, to respond to the photographic history of the street with images generously loaned by former residents as well as photographs from award winning local photographers, Des Clinton and Patsy Reilly. Rodney reconfigures the presentation of the photographs and adds his own flavour with murals along the terrace. The street will also play host to ten listening chairs that allow you to sit and listen to compilations of the recordings about growing up in Ship Street, working in the local factories, fishing on the Boyne and boat building in the street.

We invite you to join the conversation in the open air gallery that Ship Street will become on Sunday 18th August between 3-5pm.

If you are interested in hearing more about the progress of the project please contact us on or

Child’s Play
Smith Sisters
Mc Donnell Sisters
Mary Collins Farrell
Boyne Fishing

Boat Building
Future Visions

Music Provided by Brendan O’Connell, resident of Ship Street.