Home 2013

Upstate Theatre Project

3 – 6 May 2013
Rowan Heights, Drogheda

There’s the moving in and moving out, there’s the hoovering and the laundry, the shopping and the homework, the breakfasts and the dishes, the kids crying and the dogs barking and the bingeing and the Bovril and the tears and the laughter and the telly…. There’s the million beds made and the thousands of baths running down the drain. There’s the hundreds of lunches and scores of kisses… There’s the sleepless nights and happy mornings. There’s our home.

Home can mean a million things to a million people. It can be a place of solace, sanctuary or refuge, it can be a place of fear, frustration and longing. This is not a nostalgic production but one that aims to capture what ‘life within the home’ really means to the people of Drogheda today. In a time where home feels more important than ever, these stories fill a home and give it character, without which a house remains a shell. We breathe life into it and make it a home.

With members of the local community we open the door and extend our welcome. A site-responsive performance piece in Rowan Heights, Drogheda.

Supported by Respond! Housing Association.

Directed by: Louise Lowe
Assistant Director: Zara Starr
Photography: Owen Boss
Project Manager: Fiona Keller
Assistant Stage Managers: Susie Leland and Ceara Daly Carney

Created and Performed by:
Anne Nolan, Grainne Rafferty, Eric O’Brien, Nicole Farrell, David Andrews, Jenny Thompson, Sharon Skerritt, Andy Gallagher, Michelle McCormack, Bianca Browne, Thomas Heeney, Shane Roche, Orla Faulkner, Linda Kenny, Leah Rossiter, Nadine Winters, Michael Duffy

Drogheda Arts Festival